If there is one day in your life that you are going to feel like royalties, it is on your wedding day, so why not book your own castle? Noors Castle is the perfect size for you to be celebrating your wedding- with the ceremony, celebrations and overnight stay for your guests. One thing that is unique with us is that you have access to our fine summer lounge (tent) in the park for a possible ceremony if it rains or if you want to have the party there after dinner.

For summer 2023 we have following weekends available: 1-2 and 29-30 of july, 9-10 of September. Thereafter our next available dates are in October. Another proposition is booking a date on a weekday in July when a lot of people are free from work and will be able to celebrate these days with you.

A fall or a winter weeding also has its charm, so give it a thought. Here at our castle, it is beautiful all year round.

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Your wedding here at the castle

We help you arrange the wedding you prefer. Your choice of flowers, menus, musicians and anything else that you would want in a wedding, in combination with our knowledge and experience. For us every wedding is unique and we want you to feel confident and comfortable with us. If you are interested in seeing alternatives and possibilities here at Noors Castle click on the boxes below. You can also read more further down on this page about other couples telling stories about their wedding.

A three day celebration

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What do we do if it rains?

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Ceremony in a church

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Our different arrangements

A one-day wedding

To plan and arrange a wedding celebration means many decisions, both big and small. On the morning of your wedding day, you can let go of everything and give us the responsibility. This day you should only think about getting ready and enjoying the moment. We will follow the schedule we will go through things with the toastmaster/madame, so everyone knows what is going on. We deliver the bridal bouquet to the castle, welcome your guests, take care of the guests, arrange transportation, get the priest or minister, make sure that the makeup-artist and hairdresser are in place and show the band or the DJ where to set up. The chef will make sure everything is on time and will get the cake done. We have set the tables, arranged the flowers, open up the wine and made sure everyone is ready for the salute in the park. If you want the late-night snack we will prepare it and you will get a nice end of your wedding day. Your job is to enjoy this day and take care of each other so you will get the wedding of your dreams. You could also practice saying the most important word for this day: Yes! Vi levererar brudbuketten till slottet, välkomnar och tar hand om era gäster, ordnar transporter, hämtar prästen eller vigselförrättaren, ser till att sminkös och frisör är på plats så att ni inte behöver åka någonstans, tar emot dansbandet eller DJn. Köksmästaren håller hov i köket och tårtan är klar. Vi har dukat, vikt servetterna, arrangerat blommorna, öppnat vinerna och laddat för pampig salut i parken. Sedan förbereder vi vickningen så att ni får ett bra avslut på kvällen - om det är så ni vill ha det. Den enda uppgift ni har är att tillvara på dagen och varandra i kärlekens tecken, så att ni får det drömbröllop ni önskat och planerat för. Och öva på hur ni ska säga det där viktigaste ordet den här dagen: Ja!

A two-three day wedding - everyone's favorite!

There is an old tradition to celebrate a wedding for three days - so why not do it? We arrange the whole weekend and you will get the best out of your big day. You get to relax and enjoy each other's company. You can have a barbecue with your guests so you can spend some extra time with them, and you can invite whichever you prefer. Some of your guests have maybe traveled far and with an extra night they get the time to settle in, and you will get the time to talk to the ones you normally do not have the time for. On the day of the wedding, you will have the time to get ready before the photo session, the ceremony, and the other celebrations and do not have to rush in any way. The day after the wedding you will eat a long and nice breakfast/brunch together with your guests. You will also open gifts, hang out with everyone and sum up the wedding. We recommend you to take a nice and long walk together before the trip back home on Sunday. To finish up the great weekend with another half-day together is something that usually is popular and appreciated by guests, hosts and the married couple.

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