Salute at the castle

Celebrate the ceremony with a Swedish salute, 2 shots with 5 seconds apart. We will arrange this for you together with our major Ivan. Our cannons will be placed where you wish them to in the park. We also encourage you to cover your ears.


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Ivar shoots salutes at the castle!

Weddings with us over the years!

Below you can see fantastic pictures from our wedding at the castle over the years! Find inspiration, tips and color choices for your own personal wedding.

  • Camilla & Robert

    Camilla and Robert invited to a 3 day wedding at the castle. We want to thank you so much for the fantastic job you have put into our wedding. Everything was so incredibly good! The food was extremely good, the staff so professional and pleasant and everything was nicely arranged. We are so pleased and the guests praised you as well. Everything became exactly as we had wished for better! We really can't thank you enough for helping make this weekend totally magical !!!   Rebecca also greets!   Sincerely, Camilla & Robert

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Zofie & Gabriel

  • Marriage on the spot in the left avenue with your closest friends and family!

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Jenny & Alexander

  • Jenny and Alexander invited their friends and immediate family to start the festivities as early as Friday night. The weekend offered sun and joy and we had guests from both Norway and Sweden.

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Annika and Sebastian

  • Annika and Sebastian joined us on our way right all the way! They rented the castle for themselves and invited about 65 people. Everyone slept and enjoyed a day with the bride and groom.

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Anders & Paula

  • Colorful summer wedding in days 3. Anders and Paula invited guests from all over the world and they all had a wonderful weekend to remember!

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Ulrika & Johan

  • Thank you so much for a magical weekend we will never forget!

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Anna & Johan

  • Anna & Johan have written a very nice text about their wedding that you can read if you click further and see the pictures!

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Therese & Johan

  • The family invited to a wedding and the weekend reflects calm, joy and the children invited for wonderful laughs. This weekend the blacksmith ended a lovely brunch on Sunday.

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Nice thank you letters over the years!

Therese & Bosse summer 2015

Just want to say THANK YOU again !! We are so happy that everything worked so smoothly. You and your staff really delivered everything top-notch. We especially appreciated that you were so compliant after the wedding when the rain came and you worked on moving the bowl and mingle to the lounge, but still we wanted to be out since the sun came up again. Just one such thing meant a lot. And everything nice you arranged in the wedding suite !! And the food ... !!! We have received a lot of comments that it was absolutely fantastic (we think so !!). All the staff were fantastic, especially Therese who we felt very much about having a good time. // Therese & Bosse