Relaxing area

Welcome to our nice relaxing area!
When we started to build a relaxing area in 2014, it showed that the sauna will be placed in the area of the castle where you preserved and archived valuable material from the royal library. The thing that is thrilling about this little tree castle is that you never know what is hiding inside the walls or behind some doors.

Think about that the next time you are sitting in our sauna or the next time you visit the castle.

The relaxing area contains a sauna, 2 changing rooms, 3 showers, 2 refrigerators with tasty beverages, comfortable armchairs and 2 jacuzzis outside.

You are more than welcome to make a reservation.

How do I make a reservation?

Rent the whole relaxing area, including the 2 jacuzzis: 5000 crowns.
Share the relaxing area with another company and have access to 1 jacuzzi: 3500 crowns. (for companies)

The relaxing area is included for guests on the weekends.