Booking a conference here means quality time. Every group of people who has their conference here works in their own building, eat lunches and dinners in their own dining hall and make up their own schedules. It gives the perfect environment for dynamic conversations and creative work.

In addition to that, beautiful environments for hiking, delicious food, selected beverages, a fine relax ambiance and not leats service from people who are committed to making your conference as good as possible. We are here for you and your group, not the other way around.

Price for full-board from 2795 crowns per person excluding value-added tax.


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Conference areas

We have three conference areas. Every three of these areas are placed in their own building. It gives your conference privacy and you can work undisturbed for conversations, creative work, and well-grounded decisions.

  • Kungssalen – The king room

    The commodious conference room Kungssalen is in the castle and adjacent to the room there are four group activity rooms. Book your conference here and you will confer majestically.

    • 60 persons
    • Projector
    • Wi-fi
    • Speaker
    • Conference phone
    • Group rooms
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  • Carolina

    The conference room named Carolina has its own personal charm and is placed in one of the wings adjacent to the castle. It is perfect for a minor conference you...

    • 16 persons
    • Projector
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Conference phone
    • Speaker
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  • Carolus

    The conference room called Carolus with its fantastic porch with a lake view is placed in the wing adjacent to the castle!

    • 30 persons
    • Projector
    • Free WiFi
    • Conference phone
    • Computer & speaker
    • Group activity rooms
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Our different conference options

You can make a reservation for a “common” conference, but there is also a possibility to book a more private conference. Read more about this down below.

Book a private conference

A conference at Noors Castle means that you always work privately in your own building, and you have your own dining hall. In that way, you can quietly continue your interesting conversations during the lunches and dinners without the risk of insight or crosstalk. You also decide on your own when you wish for a break during the conference. We follow your schedule, not the other way around.

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Noors slotts lobby som blir en naturlig mötesplats för de som hyr slottet för sig själva

Finish the conference with the castle to your selves at night.

Do you and your group want to finish the conference by being by yourselves and use the castle exclusively? That is possible if you require it. It is a popular alternative for international management teams that like to take advantage of the opportunity to meet and get together and continue the conversations they had during the day, and do that under more casual circumstances.

Book a conference and have the castle for your selves at night.

The whole castle for yourselves, for a guaranteed private conference.

For important meetings and conferences, there is a possibility to book the whole castle and use 27 guest rooms, the castles every gathering area, the park, the relaxing area, and you are guaranteed total privacy during the stay, from the arrival, and to the departure. Many international groups have appreciated this alternative over the years. It has given us great experience dealing with these types of occasions. If you wish for references or a showing of the castle please contact us!

Book the whole castle for your conference.

Rent the castle for you summer kick-of?

Look at our movie!

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