Facts about weddings

Down below we have collected some facts for the ones who wonder, for example, how many rooms we have, or how many people we can fit in the dining location.


• Amount of dinner guests in the large dining hall: 75 persons
• Amount of dinner guests in our summer lounge in the park: 73 persons. This can also be extended and fit 85-130 persons, the extra costs will be added.
• The summer lounge is up from April to September.
• Amount of rooms in the castle: 27.
• Amount of guests who can stay overnight: 54, with extra beds around 60 persons.
• There is a possibility to rent more rooms 5 minutes away from the caste: 12 rooms, around 20 beds.
• Distance to Stockholm: 45 minutes
• Distance to Arlanda: 15 minutes
• If you are at least 40 persons you will have the castle for your selves.
• At arrival on Friday, a minimum of 20 persons, dinner and overnight stay.
• Prices: The wedding package, from 1695 crowns.
• Relaxing area: yes
• Ceremony arrangement: Yes, we will book a minister and arrange ceremonies in the park or in the summer lounge in case of rain.
• Wedding coordinator: Yes, we will help you with the celebration arrangements up till the day you will marry each other.
• Menu: we will give you a proposition on a menu and you will be involved and take decisions.
• If kids are welcome at Noors Castle? Of course they are, they are more than welcome here.
• Kids menu: Yes, we will make sure to arrange a kid’s menu.
• Contacts: Yes, we have contact with for example hairdressers, makeup-artist, photographers, transportations and musicians.