Wedding package

If there is one day in your life that you are going to feel like royalties, it is on your wedding day, so why not book your own castle? Noors Castle is the perfect size for you to be celebrating your wedding- with the ceremony, celebrations and overnight stay for your guests. We will help you arrange the wedding the way you prefer. Perhaps a ceremony in the park under a clear sky, or in a church nearby. If it will rain you will always have the possibility to be in our summer lounge. If you are finished with details such as your favorite type of dinner, flowers, music, we will help you fulfill it. We will offer inspiring ideas upon request and season. When you wake up on the morning of your wedding day, you should feel safe with the fact that you will have a memorable day you always have dreamt about. You will have an unforgettable wedding day to enjoy and a day where you say I do to the love of your life! We can set the tables for dinner and celebrations in the summer lounge!

This summer, the lounge, we can set the table for dinner and party!

Prices and propositions:
(Minimum 50 persons) Champagne with chips flavored with root vegetables. Appetizer with 1 glass of wine. Main-course with 1 1/2 glass of wine. Dessert and cheese plate with 3 cl coffee, cake, and 3 cl avec.

Price for the wedding package: 2195 crowns per person, castle rent and arrangement: 25 000 crowns.

In the price for castle rent, the exclusive right to the castle is included from 15.00 on Saturday to 12.00 on Sunday. You will have access to our summer lounge which is decorated with fine fabric in the sealing.

We will help with wedding planning, setting the tables with napkins, table cloths, candles and flower arrangements upon request.

Additions to the wedding package:

  • Late night snack: from 140 crowns per person Speaker: from 2000 crowns
  • Fruit for one person during the mingle: 75 crowns per person
  • Finger food during the mingle, approximately 2 per person: 150 crowns per person
  • Salute for the married couple: 3500 crowns
  • Brunch: 295 crowns per person
  • Brunch (after an overnight stay): 195 crowns per persons
  • Ceremony arrangements, chairs, table up to 65 persons and minister: 6500 crowns.
  • Add white chair covers: 65 crowns per person
  • Barbecue buffet on Friday, 2 glases of wine or beer are included: 895 crowns per person.

Overnight stay (min. 20p.) breakfast buffet included
Wedding suite, champagne, fruits, and chocolate are included: 2 500 crowns per person. Price per person in the d-room, 1 night: 895 crowns per person
Price per person in the d-room, 2 nights: 795 crowns per person/night
Price per person in the e-room: 895 crowns per person

Every price is included value-added tax.