Emma and Anders

Dear staff at Noors castle,
My wife and I want to thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day, the 11 of August. We imagine the day to be a memory for life, but that it would turn out as good as it did could we never have guessed. One of the most memorable moments was the ceremony in your fine park with green trees, pink roses, and a calm atmosphere. Many of our guests have talked about how nice it all turned out and how beautiful the outdoor ceremony was. Starting the celebrations in the park felt natural, practical and right.

It felt solemnly and elegant to be able to eat dinner in Kungssalen with a distinguished history and King Karl XI by our side and by a wonderfully decorated table. Food has never tasted better! All of the courses were served with perfect timing and finesse. Shortly after we were able to dance in the salon and start the celebrations.

Many of our guests were from other countries and that is why smörgåstårta was the perfect late- night snack. Shortly after the wedding many of these guests contacted us and wanted the recipe for the smörgåstårta, so they can enjoy it once more.

Being able to spend the night in your wonderful suite with champagne and jacuzzi felt fantastic after such an eventful day. We got an excellent end to this weekend and it was fantastic to start our first day as a married couple with a breakfast containing everything. Emma is still talking about your Eggs Benedict. We got a great start in our life as a married couple.

To sum it up we were very pleased with everything that was arranged and you contributed with during the wedding, for example with facilities, service, food – everything! Looking back on the day, we can say without a doubt that our wedding day is the best day of our lives. We can and will truly recommend you to everyone we know!

Best regards,
Anders and Emma Thörn.