A three day celebration

Barbecue - Friday

You all arrive

You and your guests arrive and get checked in. You unpack your items of clothing and you can now just enjoy and have a good time.

Relax and get cozy

The relaxing area is open for you to enjoy and relax in during your stay.


You all gather for a barbecue buffet in the summer lounge. You all feel relaxed and you will have the time to talk to everyone without stressing. Everyone is looking forward to the things ahead.

The wedding - Saturday


It is a luxury to wake up well-rested and not have to think about traveling on the wedding day. The soon to be married couple has until noon to prepare in the castle.

Photo session

We recommend you to choose to be photographed before the ceremony. Find a fine spot in our park and have your first look there! It is a moving moment you should share with each other and capture it on camera with the photographer.

The ceremony

Now it is time for the ceremony! Together we will make sure that the guests are seated, the music is set and the bridal bouquet is delivered. You will wait in the salon, the music starts and then you will walk to the location for the ceremony.

A toast for the married couple and mingle time

You are now a married couple, congratulations! Hugs, champagne and chitchatting awaits in the park with finger food, fruits, and snacks. Enjoy every second of it, let the mingle take its time and have time for each other! The toastmaster will be presented and you can now leave it to us.


At this time everyone is starting to get hungry and we will ring the bell because it is time for dinner. We will serve you the course we have composed together. All for your customised wedding!

Celebration and dancing

Around this time you have eaten a wonderful dinner, listened to beautiful speeches and started to relax a little. Our summer lounge waits for the celebrations in the evening. You are out and enjoying Swedish summer, but inside. You drink your favorite drinks and you dance to your band, DJ or Spotify. The night ends with a suitable snack.

Spending time together - Sunday

frukost på noors slott ger bra energi till arbetet under konferensen

A long breakfast

Sleep-in and enjoy a nice and long breakfast together with the married couple. You will get the time to talk to everyone after the celebrations. Spending time during an extra half day with the guests is also a big plus for the married couple.

A nice walk in the park

Enjoy your stay and do not rush home, you can take a nice walk and enjoy both the company but also some fresh air. Gift opening happens the day after the wedding and you can also take an extra cup of coffee and spend time with your guests.

brudparets gästbok under ett av våra vinterbröllop

Write in the guestbook.

The weekend finishes up with wishing the married couple good luck and you will get the opportunity to write in the guest book. You will also pack your things in peace and quiet, reflect over the weekend and talk a little extra with your friends that you do not often have the time to spend time with.